Combine elements and fight against other elements to win !

Combat system is automatic.

Team members

  • Eikins (Art & Code)
  • LeDrosophile (Code)

Tools used

  • Unity
  • Paint.NET
  • Adobe Photoshop

AuthorsEikins, leDrosophile
Made withUnity


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This is some naruto stuff right 'ere. But hey cool, I like the concept. Could be more fleshed out though.

Also is there some kind of spread sheet for the different weaknesses and strengths, as well as all of the combinations. Some combinations and weaknesses were kind of hard to understand.

(1 edit)

We didn't have enough time to do a proper weakness system. This is why some combinaisons are not really logicals.

For weaknesses, everything is based on the fact that :

Water > Fire > Wind > Earth > Water and so on...

I did not hear any music and the game is a little calm

In need of more action and game play to it